Classes begin in January


   All classes taught by Karen MacIntyre




4:30-5:30     Ballet-Contemporary/Age 10 & up

5:30-6:00     Pointe Class / Age 11 up




5:00-6:00     Ballet - Tap / Age 4-7

6:30-7:30     Contemporary Dance / Adult-Teen 




5:00-6:00     Ballet-Contemporary / Age 7-10

6:00-6:30     Tap Technique / Age 7-up





6:30-7:30      Classical Ballet / Adult-Teen





Open studio space.

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Open studio space.

          (Book time for woekshops, events or rehearsals) 






Karen MacIntyre's      

Class Descriptions & Rates



Ballet (Adult) Class warms up with a classical ballet barre, followed by floor or barre stretch. In center adagio, students exercise control, while practicing correct line and form. A variety of turns, jumps, and leaps are introduced and performed in short grande and petite allegro combinations.

$60 for 5 classes/ $15 single class / $10 student


Contemporary Dance (Adult) Students warm up from the core outward, developing strong supple backs, open loose hips, articulate feet, clarity of line, and a good relationship to breath and energy flow. Class works on choreography that travels, challenges balance, creates body rhythms, plays with gravity, and allows for creative expression in each individual dancer.

$60 for 5 classes/ $15 single class / $10 student


Ballet / Tap (Age 4-7)Students are introduced to basic ballet terms and movements during an active warm-up performed to a variety of classical masterpieces. During the second half of class tap shoes become percussion instruments as dancers practice steps and learn repeating patterns of choreography. Rhythm, sequencing, coordination, and creative expression are emphasized throughout class.

$50 per month / 1 hour per week


Beginning Pointe Class (Age 11 & up) Students work at barre to strengthen and articulate feet for solid balance up on pointe. Center floor includes combinations of pas de bourees, eschappes, and a variety of turns.  

$20 for add-on to Ballet/Contemporary class 


Ballet / Contemporary (Age  7-10 & 11 & up) Students become familiar with both a classical ballet and modern warm up. Class works on choreography from both dance genres, and has the opportunity to choreograph phrases of movement in small groups and alone. Technique and creative expansion are equally important components of this class work.

$50 per month / 1 hour per week


Tap (Age 7 & up) Students are introduced to tap vocabulary in a series of warm up combinations that are repeated and built upon week to week. Class also works on short dances choreographed to hone technique and develop performance skills. Musical connection and rhythm recognition are important aspects of this class.  

$20 for Tap add-on to Ballet/Contemporary class 


Pre-Ballet Playshop (Age 3-4) Students work on gross motor skills that strengthen coordination, improve balance and flexability, and prepare the dancer for ballet technique. Activities and songs that build self-esteem and encourage group participation are highlighted. Movement combinations support math skills, as students learn to sequence and pattern though simple choreography designed for the very young body. Dance class should be both educational and fun! 

$48 per month / 45 minutes a week



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